best resorts in southeast asia

The Best Resorts in Southeast Asia

Uncover Paradise on Your Next Trip

Southeast Asia, a gemstone strung on the equator, is a paradise of vibrant cultures, intoxicating landscapes and luxury experiences. Its resorts are architectural marvels, offering sumptuous stays that treat you to a spectacle of ocean blues and tropical greens. Without further ado, let's embark on a virtual tour of the best resorts in Southeast Asia.

Unveiling the Best Resorts in Southeast Asia

The Datai, Langkawi, Malaysia

Enveloped by a 10 million-year-old rainforest and caressed by the emerald waters of the Andaman Sea, The Datai Langkawi is a love letter to nature. This resort offers villas and suites that blend seamlessly with the lush surroundings, creating a tranquil haven.

From its championship golf course to its signature spa nestled amidst the greenery, the Datai offers an exquisite experience. Prices start at around $700 per night. For an effortless journey, consider visiting between December and April to avoid the monsoon season.

Padma Resort, Ubud, Indonesia

An affordable yet luxurious option, the Padma Resort Ubud in Bali offers picturesque hillside views and a heated infinity pool, seemingly suspended above the lush forest. The resort offers yoga classes, nature treks and a variety of dining options.

Room prices start at around $150 per night. You can enjoy the best of Ubud's weather from June to September.

Amanpuri, Phuket, Thailand

Overlooking the turquoise Andaman Sea, Amanpuri in Phuket is a haven of serenity. Its pavilion-style villas, a gorgeous private beach and a fleet of cruisers make it one of the best beach resorts in Southeast Asia.

The resort offers unique experiences like private meditation classes and traditional Muay Thai sessions. Room rates start from around $895 per night. Visit between November and April for the best weather.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, Indonesia

The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, a luxury beachfront resort, offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. With its stunning suites and villas, a dedicated Ritz Kids program and an array of dining options, it’s a slice of paradise for the entire family. Rates start at $260 per night.

Bali's weather is pleasant year-round, but for the best balance between dry weather and fewer tourists, consider visiting in April, May, June and September.

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

Song Saa Private Island, floating on the sapphire waters of Cambodia's Koh Rong Archipelago, epitomizes sustainable luxury. The resort features stunning overwater, jungle and ocean-view villas crafted from local, repurposed materials, which I just think is amazing! It’s good for the Earth and your soul.

The island offers an incredible bio-luminescent swim experience, a world-class spa and delicious Khmer cuisine. Rates start from $1120 per night. The best time to visit is between November and May.

Six Senses Con Dao, Vietnam

Nestled in an untouched archipelago, the Six Senses Con Dao is a spectacle of pristine beaches and forested hills. With sustainability at its heart, the resort offers oceanfront villas, a turtle hatchery and a stunning infinity pool.

This resort is a haven for nature lovers. Rates begin from $520 per night. It's best to visit between November and February for a perfect beach holiday.

Nihi Sumba Island, Indonesia

Nihi Sumba Island, off the coast of Bali, redefines the concept of unregulated freedom. Home to the world's best private surf wave and luxury treehouse villas, Nihi Sumba is a tropical dream come true.

The resort offers horseback safaris, spa safaris and an exclusive chocolate factory. Room rates start at $670 per night. The best time to visit is during the dry season, from April to September.

Victoria Can Tho Resort, Vietnam

For a budget-friendly luxury experience, the Victoria Can Tho Resort in Vietnam is a delightful choice. Set in the heart of the Mekong Delta, this resort offers river views, a colonial-style design, an outdoor pool and a range of local experiences.

Prices start at around $110 per night. The best time to visit Can Tho is between November and April.

What are You Waiting For? Pack Those Bags!

From the affordable charm of Victoria Can Tho Resort to the unrivaled opulence of Amanpuri, Southeast Asia’s resorts offer experiences for every kind of traveler. Whether you're seeking a quiet getaway or a family adventure, an all-inclusive Asia vacation at one of these resorts could be just what you need.

In these luxurious corners of Southeast Asia, you’ll do more than just visit — you'll lose yourself in the extraordinary, discovering not just a new place, but also new facets of yourself. Remember, the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. So, let's turn the page to your next great adventure.