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6 Cruise Freebies You Can Get If You Just Ask

The Art of Getting Perks on Your Cruise Adventure

Cruising is the perfect way to visit multiple countries or cities in just one trip without having to fly between them, hence its growing popularity with travelers of all ages. And it’s not just about the port excursions, either.

Cruise ships are equipped with onboard activities that rival those of a small town, keeping you occupied with amenities such as cinemas, gyms, bars, restaurants and swimming pools. Put simply, you won’t be bored on a cruise.

But while cruises are on the up, some people are put off by the price, which tends to be higher than what you’d pay for a regular vacation. While it’s true that you’re paying for convenience and the ability to see multiple destinations in one trip, there are some freebies you can get your hands on board if you know where to look.

You won’t find these in the cruise brochures, so to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of cruise freebies that the crew will be happy to hand over if you just ask!

1. Free Food

While some cruises offer an unlimited buffet-style dinner, others serve up a multiple-course meal, which is typically included in the cost of your cruise when you book. But did you know you can often have more than just one meal?

On almost every single cruise ship, you can order more than one main course. That means if you’ve been eyeing up a pasta dish and the ribeye steak, you can try both.

Another thing not many cruise guests know is you can go off-menu, especially if you want a dish or ingredient you’ve seen served on a previous evening. If you have a dish in mind and you know the kitchen has the ingredients (or similar) in stock, simply ask for it. This can be especially helpful for vegans and vegetarians, who might not find something they can eat on the menu at first glance.

2. Free Drinks

If all that free food has got you thirsty, the good news is that there are also plenty of ways to wangle yourself free drinks. The trick is to attend events on the ship. There will typically be cocktail parties at the start and the end of the liner’s journey, at which a large selection of drinks is offered for free. Other on-board events, such as art auctions, will tend to offer you at least a glass of something sparkling completely free of charge.

Plus, almost all ships have the basics such as juice, tea and coffee available for free with breakfast. You can drink tap water, too, so don’t worry about paying a cent for bottled water.

4. Toiletries and Medication

If you’ve forgotten to bring your toothpaste or last night’s dinner has given you an upset stomach, one of the cruise liner’s staff will be happy to give you key medication and toiletries.

Seasickness tablets are one of the most common types of medication that vacationers forget to pack, but with many experiencing light sickness at sea, the cruise staff has this handy medication ready to go for sick passengers. There will also be an on-board medical center you can visit if you have symptoms of something more serious.

4. Free Gifts

Have you booked the cruise for a special occasion, such as a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary? Let the staff know! Often, travelers have spoken about the special reason behind their trip only to be greeted with free gifts such as flowers, birthday cakes or even a bottle of champagne.

There are other ways to get gifts too, such as taking part in as many onboard activities as possible. By attending talks and activities, you’ll often either come away with something free or be given a voucher that you can exchange for a free gift.

5. Free Port Excursions

When you book a cruise, the company will often push you to attend their paid port excursions, which can be pricey. Instead of spending a big chunk of your budget on a day trip, plan your own port excursion and visit free attractions such as beaches, parks or interesting neighborhoods.

6. Free Onboard Activities

You don’t need to pay to stay entertained during the days and evenings at sea. Free onboard activities such as trivia quizzes, games and competitions will keep you occupied without having to spend a cent. You might make money since many of these activities allow you to win gifts.

Now you know the exciting products and experiences you can get on board when you book your next cruise! The availability of free items makes cruising a much more affordable option for travelers worried about the costs associated with cruising. When you take every opportunity to snag a freebie, your costs will come down significantly.