how to find cheap hotels

How to Find Cheap Hotels for Your Next Trip

Comfortable Budget-friendly Options

Budget-friendly hotels are often associated with uncomfortable beds, minimal amenities and distant locations. However, it does not have to be that way. With a few simple tricks, you can find luxury hotels for a fraction of the standard price and enjoy your holiday in the perfect combination of style and comfort. Read on to learn how you can find cheap hotels and make the most out of your travel budget.

Look for Free Cancellations

There are few things more frustrating than booking a hotel room months in advance only to discover three days before you depart that the company is selling the same room for a fraction of the original price; this is where free cancellations come in.

If you spot a drop in prices at either your intended hotel or another nearby hotel, you can cancel your booking for free and get a refund before booking yourself into a cheaper room. Most companies require 24-48 hours' notice to approve a cancellation, so be sure to check the prices at least three days before your intended check-in time.

Use a Price Comparison Site

The key to cheap travel is research. Before you commit to either your destination, flights or accommodation, be sure to explore all of your options. This gives you the best chance of finding a great deal that, in turn, allows you to explore the world without breaking the bank.

Price comparison, travel websites such as, Kayak, Google Hotels and Trivago let you pick your destination and preferred budget before listing a selection of hotels. As a result, you can quickly get an idea of what is available. Not every hotel will be listed on each of the marketplaces, so be sure to explore multiple websites.

These sites often list reviews as well, so you can figure out what the hotel offers and if it’s worth the price.

Find Last Minute Deals

No company wants to be left with unused products. So airlines and hotels will cut prices if it looks like they are going to have empty seats or rooms. Using, Travelzoo and Secret Escapes is a great way to find cheap deals for a spontaneous trip.

However, it is important to note that the best hotels often sell out in advance. As such, the hotels promoting last-minute deals may not have the best quality amenities or, instead, may be located further away from popular attractions. If you are only planning on sleeping in your hotel room, this may be of little consequence but if you are eager to spend several days being pampered in a luxury hotel, you are unlikely to find desirable options as part of last-minute deals.

Contact the Hotel Directly

The best way to secure a good deal is to explore all of your options. Using a comparison site can lead you to the cheapest hotel in the area but contacting the hotel directly via the hotel website could get you a room at an even cheaper price or secure you additional perks, such as free WiFi or three-for-two-night deals.

Comparison sites include a commission fee as part of the listed price that you, the customer and the hotel have to pay. As such, hotels are eager to save themselves the commission charge by quoting you a cheaper price.

While there is no guarantee that you’ll get a lower price, it is always worth picking up the phone or typing a short email. You never know what offers the company might come back to you with.

Be Flexible with Your Dates

Before booking any vacation, it is always advisable to check if there are any major sporting or entertainment events or holidays occurring on your intended travel dates. Due to the expected influx of travelers, hotels will hike up the prices of their rooms because they know that if people have bought tickets for a concert or sporting event, they have no choice but to book a hotel as well.

This can create a drastic price increase and make even the cheapest hotels incredibly expensive. Be sure to do some research into your intended destination before finalizing the dates of your holiday to avoid an unreasonably priced room.

Final Thoughts

By utilizing a combination of travel and hotel websites, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars and put the money towards experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your life. A few hours of research can be the difference between a budget-friendly holiday and delaying a holiday indefinitely. So, be sure to follow these simple tips and get exploring!