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The Best Thanksgiving Cruises in 2023

Holiday Adventures at Sea

Thanksgiving is usually a time to be spent at home with family, enjoying a delicious feast and some well-deserved time off, but what if you could do all of this and more somewhere remote and tropical?

Thanksgiving cruises offer an enticing mix of festivity and relaxation. Imagine a splendid feast prepared by world-class chefs, set against the backdrop of an ocean sunset, or exploring exotic destinations when people at home are recovering from a little too much Thanksgiving bubbly. Onboard entertainment, family-friendly activities, and luxurious accommodations are just a few of the best aspects of Thanksgiving cruises that can make a trip away an exciting prospect for the holiday.

Large cruise lines that offer special Thanksgiving cruises make sure to put on a proper celebration for those who decide to join them out at sea for such a special occasion so you can look forward to special dinners, festivals and entertainment that you can enjoy on a cruise that lets you also explore a beautiful destination wherever you make port.

Celebrity Cruises - Mexican Riviera

Celebrity Cruise Line’s Mexican Riviera Thanksgiving cruise promises an eight-night extravaganza in a destination that you won’t need to travel too far for. Setting sail from Los Angeles, California, in November, the cruise takes you on an odyssey through the Mexican Riviera to popular locations, including Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

On their range of Thanksgiving cruises, Celebrity Cruise Line likes to put on a show, providing a huge turkey feast with all the trimmings, plus, there are plenty of family-friendly activities and games onboard for spending time with loved ones. Don’t worry about the classic Thanksgiving clean-up; instead, relax by the pool, enjoy a date night or watch some live entertainment as a family without any worries.

You can also enjoy a range of shore excursions, from kayaking in San Diego to beach-hopping in Cabo, so you’ll never be short of things to do. For an exceptional Thanksgiving cruise experience, they also offer packages to enjoy premium drinks, dining and other luxury amenities for a vacation you won’t forget.

American Cruise Line - American Revolution Cruise

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to cruise some of the most well-known historical sights in America? For the whole of Thanksgiving week in November, American Cruise Lines have cruises departing from all around the country and on each one, they cook a delectable turkey dinner with potatoes, cranberry sauce and stuffing.

This is the best time to cruise the USA, as the fall colors come alive, and you can enjoy hot drinks, pumpkin pie and other warming delights. Their 11-Day Revolution cruise begins and ends in Washington DC and explores historical sights and colonial towns, such as Williamsburg, Jamestown and Annapolis.

Visit Geroge Washignton’s home and the Smithsonian Museum and see the actual Declaration of Independence! Onboard, experts and history guides will share details and reenactments to bring history to life for a truly American Thanksgiving cruise experience.

Carnival Cruises - Bahamas from Port Canaveral

Carnival Cruises loves to have fun with their Thanksgiving cruises, which sail to beautiful sunny destinations around Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean throughout November. Forget cleaning up, family arguments, or who gets to sit where - on this cruise, you’ll all have a spot at a table on board, where you’ll be served a delicious, traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.

After dinner, there’s also after-dinner trivia and a treasure hunt for the whole family to take part in, so get ready to get competitive! On the ship, you’ll have access to various entertainment, including a theatre, live music, a comedy club and a nightclub. That’s not to mention the range of other activities for kids and adults, such as pools, hot tubs and an adults-only area, along with minigolf and a kids club.

On this 4-day cruise that falls right across Thanksgiving, you’ll sail from Orlando in the Sunshine State to the gorgeous white sand beaches of Nassau in the Bahamas and the Princess Cays. Swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and beachside lunches are just some of the excursions that await, and there’s one full day at sea to enjoy all of the fantastic amenities onboard.

Norwegian Cruise Line - Bermuda from New York

There’s much to be thankful for on Norwegian’s Thanksgiving cruises, which go to destinations as far-flung as Italy and Portugal. To stay a little closer to home, consider their amazing 7-day cruise to Bermuda, which departs from New York.

Norwegian Cruise Line often hosts celebration meals or special occasions onboard, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Still, it's their onboard amenities that truly make it a place to celebrate with family. There are multiple restaurants, bars, entertainment and activities on Norwegian ships, ranging from theatre and circus performances to a waterpark, sports complex, casino, spa and various shops.

On this cruise, you’ll get a real chance to dive into Bermuda, with three full days spent docked at the Royal Naval Dockyard. Paddle in a glass-bottom kayak, snorkel the sparkling blue waters and visit one of the world’s oldest lighthouses, along with other excursions like sailing or visiting the infamous Bermuda Triangle!

If you’re searching for a sun-drenched getaway for Thanksgiving without the stress of planning a big get-together, cruising Bermuda’s turquoise waters will have your family asking for all Thanksgiving to be this good!

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