tours for seniors traveling alone

The Top 7 Best Senior Tours

Choosing the Right Senior Tour for Travelling Alone

After years of working, commuting and babysitting, there is nothing better than setting off on a solo travel experience. Set your own agenda and explore the world at your pace with one of several incredible senior tours. Whether you want to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a skill or indulge in delicious, local cuisine, there is no better opportunity than a senior retirement tour. Explore the options on tours for seniors traveling alone below.

Safari in the Maasai Mara

If you’ve spent your youth binge-watching nature documentaries, why not indulge in your fascination with wildlife by participating in a safari? These guided safari tours allow you to experience Kenyan wildlife's beauty and majesty firsthand and immerse yourself in the vibrant Maasai culture.

Even better, there is no need to spend your retirement tour in discomfort. The majority of safaris now come with luxury accommodations in the form of lodges and deluxe campsites, offering you quality comfort as you embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Florence Culinary Arts School

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills, and there’s no better place to improve your cooking skills than in Florence. With a course at the Culinary Arts School, you can expand your culinary repertoire, learn Italian, and explore one of the world’s most beautiful cities in one vacation.

This is ideal if it is your first solo travel experience as you’ll have the opportunity to meet fellow travelers during your lessons and to find new friends to explore the city’s most popular attractions with. Plus, the culinary classes involve lots of taste testing!

Berlin to Venice

This fifteen-day tour takes you through Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Venice - checking off countless popular European destinations in one incredible trip. From visiting picturesque castles to experiencing the incredible nightlife in Prague, there is something for everyone on this trip. Whether you are a history buff or a foodie, you can’t go wrong with this deep dive into European history and its cosmopolitan culture.

Senior travel is all about checking off those most-see items from your bucket list, and surely, there’s no better way to do that than exploring Europe with fellow solo travelers.

Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

The Sakura season in Japan is known across the world for its unforgettable beauty. Be mesmerized by the canopy of pink blossom and watch it transform the bustling streets of Tokoyo during the spring. Parks across the city host cherry blossom festivals, selling a variety of mementos and Sakura-flavored sweet treats.

After taking in the natural beauty of Tokoyo’s many parks, you can visit the bathhouses, museums and sprawling shopping centers before sitting down with an array of unforgettable Japanese dishes.

Projects Abroad: Khmer Cultural Immersion in Cambodia

Projects Abroad offer several different senior tours for people who are traveling alone, each of which focuses on giving back to communities in need and creating sustainable structures for the future. From volunteering at medical centers to teaching English in kindergartens, there are countless opportunities to support the development of the local community and to put the skills you have spent your life cultivating to good use.

During the trip, you can spend your free time learning the local language as well as partaking in pottery, Apsara dance and culinary classes.

Tuscany Wine Tour

There is no better place to indulge in your love of wine than in Tuscany. Between walking the beautiful vineyards, you can indulge in fine dining experiences and take in the beautiful, natural scenery. The rolling hills and historic buildings all serve to make the wine taste even better.

Whether you decide to stay in a converted farmhouse or one of several luxury hotels, there is no better place to indulge in the finer things in life.

Golden Triangle India

For those eager for a more active senior travel experience, nothing can compare with a tour of Jaipur, Delhi and Agra. These destinations combine everything you could want from a vacation - incredible food, bustling cities and unforgettable historic sites.

Stay in a luxury hotel or immerse yourself in the local culture by staying at a family-run heritage hotel. And don’t forget to sample the incredible street food in Delhi and the traditional cuisine in Jaipur.

Final Thoughts

Senior travel is the perfect time to check off experiences that have sat on your bucket list for years and make friends with like-minded individuals. Whether you want an adventure in the African wilderness or to perfect your culinary skills for your next family get-together, a senior tour is waiting for you.

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