unsold cruise cabins

Understanding Unsold Cruise Cabins

How Do Cruise Lines Fill Them?

If you’ve ever wanted to go on a cruise but find that they’re out of your price range, this is the article for you. Here, you’ll learn all about the little-known world of unsold cruise cabins and discover how you can secure one this year. It can be a slightly challenging process, but with perseverance, those in the know can make big savings.

It won’t surprise you to learn that cruise lines don’t like any of their rooms sitting empty. Empty rooms mean fewer passengers and fewer passengers mean less money being spent onboard. Fewer travelers put a dent in food, drink and merchandise sales. Because of this, companies do whatever it takes to get more people to board their ships and spend money.

They do this by selling unsold cruise cabins at discounted prices closer to the departure date. Let’s dive in and discover how you can secure one for you and your family.

How To Tell If Unsold Cruise Cabins Are About To Go On Sale

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to know whether unsold cruise cabins are about to go up for sale. Cruise ship companies keep their cards close to their chest on this one, hiding this information on their website and from the press. This can make it almost impossible for you to know whether rooms are to be discounted in the immediate future.

The best practice is to prepare yourself by putting in the work to receive discount alerts. Read on to discover how to get a notification the next time a cheap cruise vacation becomes available.

Three Popular Methods For Securing Unsold Cruise Cabins

Below, you’ll discover the three best methods for securing great cruise deals.

Hit Subscribe

The best way to find out about discounted cabins is to subscribe to the mailing lists of all the major cruise lines. The easiest way for them to advertise their offers is to those customers interested in their experiences, so joining their email lists is advisable.

Cruise companies tend to sell through third-party organizations too. This means that major travel agencies could get first-selling rights when it comes to unsold cruise vacation cabins. Signing up for their mailing lists could mean you get discounted vacation tickets before anyone else.

Use Social Media

In addition to email sends, cruise lines and travel agents might also post about unsold cruise cabin opportunities across their social media platforms. It’s worth following your favorite brands on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram and TikTok. Alternatively, you could search for keywords on these sites such as ‘cruise sale’ or ‘cruise discounts’.

While following all the cruise lines across multiple platforms is time-consuming, the savings could be huge. It’ll all be worth it if you secure a great room at a cheap price!

Try Your Luck Closer To The Departure Date

While this third method often doesn’t work, there are occasions when it will - so it’s worth a try. If you have your heart set on a specific ship or journey, check the price of a cabin ahead of time and make a note of it. Then, much closer to the departure date, check again to see if it’s been discounted. If it has, then it’s the perfect time to book.

The risk with this method is that you may accidentally miss out on the trip of a lifetime by waiting it out for too long.

Three Things To Be Aware Of

While successfully navigating the market of unsold cruise cabins can save you lots of money, there are three factors to be aware of.

Perks May Be Offered Instead Of Discounts

Instead of discounted rooms, cruise lines have been known to offer extra perks to encourage bookings. This means that room prices will be the same as before, but you could get free Wi-Fi access or drinks packages.

Savings Might Not Be As Big As You’d Expect

While big savings are out there, most unsold cruise cabins won’t become available with huge discounts. Cruises are very popular, so companies know that they can fill rooms - meaning they don’t always have to be generous with their offers.

Nevertheless, while you aren’t ever going to travel the world for US$100, you could still save hundreds or even thousands.

Upgrades Can Be Thought Of As A Type Of Saving

Instead of a discount, you may be offered a free upgrade. While this would mean you don’t get to enjoy any money-saving successes, you can secure a premium room for the price of a standard one.

For example, closer to your departure date, the company might offer balcony rooms for the same price as interior rooms without a window. While you won’t see a percentage price reduction, it’s still a huge offer that shouldn’t be missed.