what are the safest countries in the world

The Safest Countries in the World to Visit

A Safe Vacation is a Fun One

In an increasingly unpredictable world, it can be a challenge to know which countries are safe to visit. Fortunately, this article is here to support your vacation decision-making. While no countries can be classified as completely safe, some stand out as safer than the rest.

Read on to discover our selection of safe countries to visit. These have been chosen using the Global Peace Index, Travel Advisory Ratings and additional factors.

All the countries on this list have a Travel Advisory Rating of 1, meaning that visitors should exercise normal precautions when there. Places awarded a rating of 1 are the safest for US tourists to visit.

What are the Safest Countries in the World?


5,500 miles from New York sits the loveable European country of Georgia. Despite sharing a border with Russia, it’s considered to be a safe country to visit. It’s ideal for those traveling the world looking for unique experiences. The country is well-known for its ancient music traditions, wine bars and architectural diversity.

The main advantage of visiting Georgia on vacation is that it doesn’t have as many tourists as other European countries like Italy, Spain or France. This is great for visitors because it allows for a more authentic experience and means there are fewer cases of pickpocketing, which usually occurs in areas with a large tourist population.


The United States’ neighbor to the north, Canada, is an ideal vacation location because it’s easy to get and a safe place to be. The vast majority of the people living in Canada speak English, which makes it an easy country to navigate - especially convenient in an emergency.

Canadian people are known around the world for their friendly demeanor. They’re always on hand to support neighbors and travelers, helping visitors feel safe.


The island country of Barbados is loved around the world for its culture and weather. In fact, it regularly appears on people’s world travel bucket lists. Temperatures reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit here and rarely fall below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning there’s good weather all year round.

The pace of life in Barbados is significantly slower than in the United States, making it the perfect location for those wanting to take a break from the stresses of day-to-day life. Plus, the currency is easy to convert - US$1 equals BBD$2.

Barbados is considered a safe destination for visitors from the US. Its heavy economic reliance on tourism has led the Barbados government to put tourist safety high on its agenda. The police force on the island has over 1,000 members who, alongside other duties, patrol less-safe areas to keep visitors safe from harm.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that Barbados is sometimes victim to storms, and so risks from natural disasters should be considered before embarking on a vacation here.


The beautiful country of Australia is one of the safest spots in the world to visit and promises explorers great experiences. It has an extremely low crime rate, safe roads and a strong economy - the latter of which lowers the levels of petty crimes. Australia is also considered to be the safest place in the world for women to visit.

Australia is nearly as big as the United States, meaning there is so much to see and do here. Highlights for travelers include the Sydney Opera House, Kakadu National Park and Kangaroo Island. Expect to see koalas, kangaroos and plenty of friendly faces saying “g’day, mate.”


Topping the 2021 Global Peace Index, Iceland promises a safe travel option for visitors from the US. The country has been deemed the most peaceful for more than a dozen consecutive years. Safety here is partly a result of its small population of just over 370,000 people. It’s sparsely populated with many people living large distances from one another.

A second reason for Iceland being a safe country to visit is that it doesn’t have an army, navy or air force. Police officers don’t carry guns, and the president doesn’t even have a bodyguard - that’s how safe it’s considered to be. Iceland also has very few dangerous wild animals. Unlike other countries, they don’t have mosquitoes, bears or lions.

The country has one of the world’s greatest equality systems, meaning that women legally can’t be paid less than men for the same work. Religious differences, trans people and same-sex couples are a part of Iceland’s fabric too, meaning that very few people target others.

Visitors to Iceland will love the country’s fjords, sunsets and volcanic landscapes. Plus, there’s no better-tasting fish anywhere else in the world.