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Your Ultimate Guide to African Safari Tours

Begin Your Adventure of a Lifetime

If you’re searching for a vacation that’s a little out of the ordinary but will leave you with memories to last a lifetime for your next summer travel plan, consider going on a safari tour in Africa. You’ll get to see plenty of interesting wildlife and extraordinary natural views that you simply wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The easiest way to do a safari is to sign up for a guided tour, where a guide will take you around the area, tell you more about the animals and help you discover the beautiful landscape in all its glory. Many tours focus on offering you the chance to see the ‘big 5’, AKA lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalos.

These tours tend to start at around $1,000 including accommodation, but the price increases the more luxury amenities you have, and the longer the tour lasts. Some tours cost tens of thousands of dollars.

To make your decision easier, here’s a guide to the best African safari tours and summer tours, what’s included in each one and what makes them worth using. Let’s dive in.

&Beyond Tours

One thing that makes people nervous about embarking on safari holidays is a perceived lack of luxury. They imagine sleeping in poor conditions with no access to luxury items, but if you choose the right safari vacation, this doesn’t have to be a concern.

&Beyond specializes in a range of vacations and African tours that prioritize safety and luxury as well as sustainability, so you can travel with your home comforts without harming the planet.

Its Grand South Africa Safari, for example, lasts 8 days and involves seeing the country’s most famous sights, as well as big cats and other African wildlife, while still enjoying traveling in style with access to modern amenities.

Go2Africa Tours

Go2Africa is a company that specializes in providing tours for people wanting to explore more about the beautiful continent of Africa and its breathtaking wildlife and natural spaces.

Animal lovers will adore its 7-day East African Mara, Crater & Serengeti Migration wildlife tour, which promises an unrivaled view of the big five and a tour through a collection of Africa’s best lodges. This tour is ideal for honeymoon couples, families and friend groups alike.

Luxury lovers will adore the travel company’s 10-day Crater, Serengeti & Mara tour, which offers amazing year-round game viewing, stylish accommodation and a range of family-friendly activities.

Intrepid Travel Tours

Intrepid Travel offers a huge range of safari tours, with an emphasis on allowing visitors to see breathtaking nature and some of the continent’s most iconic wildlife. The tour provider offers an 8-day Serengeti tour that gives you a great chance of spotting the big 5 while learning more about local cultures and traditions.

One of the best things about Intrepid Travel’s tours is the prices since they tend to be more budget-friendly than other safari tour providers.

OntheGo Tours

With safari experiences starting from just a few hundred dollars, OntheGo tours provide plenty of different experiences for thrill-seekers, adventurers and wildlife lovers alike.

If you’re comfortable with the great outdoors, you can choose from OntheGo’s camping safari options, or if you’re looking for something with a little more luxury, you’ll love its Africa lodge safaris. These luxury tours offer the same wildlife-spotting and sightseeing opportunities as camping tours but with a more comfortable bed to sleep in at the end of the day!

The lodges have private watering hotels, swimming pools, on-site eateries serving up local cuisine and more, making them perfect for honeymoons or significant birthdays.

Cosmos Tours

Cosmos offers tours all over the world for adventurous travelers, but its African safari tours are some of the most popular. With not just the ability to spot wildlife and amazing sights but an in-depth insight into the local culture, these safari tours will change your perspective and help you get to know this fascinating part of the world.

Popular destinations for safari tours with Cosmos include Kenya, Tanzania, Cape Town and Nairobi.

Abercrombie & Kent Tours

Abercrombie & Kent offers several safari tours that are longer than usual - lasting 12 or 13 days rather than the standard 7-10 days, giving you longer to soak up the culture (and have a better chance at seeing the big 5!).

These safaris tend to comprise groups of somewhere between 15 and 25 and take place in classic safari destinations such as Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

Whichever safari tour you opt for, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time basking in nature and wildlife you simply can’t find elsewhere. Just don’t forget your binoculars to get a closer look if you see any of the big 5!

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